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Have Enough Courage to Start & Have Enough Heart to Let Go...

It takes courage to build a practice practice.It takes courage to admit to mistakes and vow to do better and it takes hard to say goodbye to clients' stories and lives. Watch the space for my next adventure....

Nancy Payne Lewis

About Nancy Payne Lewis

For over 35 years, Nancy Payne Lewis has supported people of all ages across San Francisco, CA. Before working on juvenile probation, she spent six years as a custody mediator and assessor. She witnessed firsthand the devastation that divorce can cause to a family in this situation.

In her personal life and her many years of professional expertise, she has witnessed the profound impact and the lasting pain and damage that can result from divorce. It is like a death, and many people experience similar feelings of grief and loss. As a divorce coach, she teaches you how to deal with those feelings, build resiliency, and adjust to a new way of being in the world.