Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a model that uses a team of experts to help you and your spouse end your partnership in a way that is thorough and complete, WITHOUT going to court. You will each have an attorney, and you will each have a Coach. A financial specialist may be brought in to help you look at various scenarios for child and spousal support. A child specialist, a Coach who listens to your children, can also be part of the Collaborative Team.

Collaborative Divorce is based on goals that the team agrees to. It takes place without court dates, depositions and trials. It doesn’t take more or less time than a litigated divorce, and it can be more satisfying, in that you and your team will have looked at several options before you and your spouse agree on the one which meets all of your needs.

Collaborative Divorce Coaches help clients and their partners:

  • Identify and prioritize goals
  • Manage emotions
  • Create effective parenting plans, based on the ages and stages of the child/ren
  • Practice conflict resolution skills
  • Learn to co-parent effectively
  • Learn to be assertive

Because the Collaborative Divorce model pays attention to all of the aspects of divorce, clients generally feel more satisfied. Because the coach has been involved from the start, she is in a position to provide continuing support, should the need arise.